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The Great State of Nebraska

“There are no uninteresting places, only uninteresting people”-MJH A little judgmental? Maybe, but it is me writing this blog after all ūüôā There is more than a little truth to that statement. ¬†When you travel, you need to use your imagination. There are ALWAYS interesting things to see wherever you go. ¬† Lots of people […]

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Halcyon Highway Reborn!

Seems like everything is back these days for a limited run, Heroes, X-Files even an updated version of Full House! Since it’s time for a little road trip, I figured why not give Halcyon Highway a face lift and do a limited series of posts as I set off on another American road trip next […]

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Ready, Set, Go! Iditarod

For all the people outside of Alaska in the lower forty eight, the Iditarod ¬†is something you may or may not have heard of.¬†¬†Up here and to many fans around the world, its like the Alaskan Super Bowl! Now that I’ve been in Fairbanks for almost 6 months, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to learn […]

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Fairbanks Follies-The Adventure Continues

Here I am still up in Fairbanks and surviving¬†after almost 5 months! ¬†What a¬†weird, wacky, wonderful adventure its been. I’ve endured -50 degree temperatures, ice rain, ice fog, darkness, several minor earthquakes and a¬†moose encounter on the trails. There really is no place like Fairbanks! This remote outpost will always be one of the highlights […]

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WTF (Welcome to Fairbanks) Months Two & Three

I was going to do a Month 2 post but somehow that didn’t happen, so let’s combine them since it’s been almost 3 months that I’ve been here now. If anyone says to me “There’s nothing to do in Fairbanks” ever again, I’m going to slap them upside their head. If you can’t find things […]

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