Waves on the Malecon

To anyone who has been paying attention, I fell in love with the Malecon Habanero on my first visit to Cuba and our love affair continues.  Its amazing in the morning, its amazing at sunset, its even amazing when its 90 degrees in the middle of the day.  My favorite time on the Malecon however is when the waves are crashing over the sea wall.

On my last trip the ocean put on a spectacular show !!  I don’t want to guess how high the waves flew into the air, actually I’m lying I do want to guess and I’m going to say 20-30 feet, maybe more.  It lasted for days and it was absolutely spectacular.  There were nights when every time I tried to walk away I was that kid going “oohhhhh c’mon mom, 5 more minutes pllleeaasseeee”.  Here are some photos of  those incredible few days



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